Here are some links to the history of Laurelwood:


"Around 1904 the Seventh Day Adventist Church bought 58 acres four and one-half miles south-east of Gaston and founded a Parochial School consisting of a small one-story frame house. Principal and teacher was Professor R.W. Airey and wife and one other teacher, Mrs. Irene Anderson. This was to be a boarding school and has since that time turned into a full 12-grade accredited school with dormitories for housing 120 boys and 120 girls with an enrollment of over 400 students and a faculty to equal any of our State Colleges today. The buildings are modern in design adn it has its own dairy farm, furniture factory, printing press, cannery, laundry, power house, water system, church, grade school and is completely self-supporting."

-- from "Something of the History of Gaston and Surrounding Area" compiled by Mrs. T.R. Roe, from Centennial History of Washington County Oregon (1973).