The records of Victor H. Limber, Funeral Director & Embalmer for the Forest Grove Undertaking Company (May 1907 - May 1922), have been photocopied and added to our reference collection in the History Room. They were originally part of the Eric G. Stewart collection. The introduction states:

"The record books are large, leather bound volumes, with one funeral per page. The pages are divided into a right and left column. The left contains personal information on the decedent and the right concerns services and furnishings rendered, with billing and receipts noted toward the bottom of each column.

Information on the left side of page:

Information on the right side:
Name of deceased
Charge to
Ordered by
Secured by (seldom filled in)
Place of death
Date of Funeral
Time of Day
His residence
Date of Death
Age in yr mo da
Occupation of dec
Cause of death (not often filled in)
Death certificate # (never filled in)
Type of Casket or Coffin and size
Place of Interment
Lot # (seldom filled in)

Diagram of lot (never filled in)

detailed listing of items of clothing
embalming services
grave opening
buggies and carriages
and the charges for each...these items not copied


Pages are numbered consecutive and start over in the second book."

For more on the history of undertaking in Forest Grove, visit Fuiten, Rose & Hoyt Funeral Home.