Here is some local information on the history on the unincorporated community of Dilley.

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Books & Articles

  • "Necrology." OHQ. Vol 41, No 1 (March 1940): 114
    • "Dilley, Allen Sherman, Forest Grove, December 28, 1939, 73 (years old), born at Forest Grove. The town of Dilley was named for his family."
  • Nordgren, Mary Jane. Early Logging Tales Too Human to be Fiction. Tawk Press, 2000.
  • Wentz, Walt. Bringing Out the Big Ones: Log Trucking in Oregon, 1912-1983. Forest Grove: Times Litho Print, 1985.
  • Work, John & Leslie M. Scott. "John Work's Journey from Fort Vancouver to Umpqua River, and Return, in 1834." OHQ, Vol 24, No 3 (Sept 1923): 243.
    • "May 27 (1834). Camp, apparently, was between Dilley and Gaston, the "4th and last fork of the Faladin River" being either Scoggin Creek or South Fork of Tualatin River...The day's route passed the sites of Forest Grove and Dilley..."


  • Washington County Heritage Online (WCHO): Dilley
  • Rootsweb/Ancestry discussion: Dilley
  • Wikipedia: Dilley, Oregon
  • Dilley Hotel, c. 1904:
    • "This is a very neat and comfortable hotel and is well deserving of mention in the write-up-edition. The table is provided with all the luxuries and delicaces of the season and Mrs. Ulm, the popular proprietress, is one of the most hospitable hotel 'hosts' on the Road. She has been here two years (1902) and is building up a splendid reputation..." -- "Forest Grove in Bibliography," Washington County News, 6/30/1904 (EGS Box 1/ Folder 6/ Position 16)