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"Leisy-Schefflin" by Mr. and Mrs. John Gates
Centennial History of Washington County

Old district number 8 near Hillsboro is located west of McKay creek across the old Wolley bridge near the Wooley donation land claim and north of the Jolly bridge on Glencoe road part of which is the Jaross place where William Jolly once lived. Now consolidated with Hillsboro, the school was named for Issac Leisy who gave the grounds and a plot across the road for a church which has long been out of use and removed. Mrs. Blanchard who lived west of the church was one of the first ordained ministers. Old timers say that a school was once located between the Robert Hartrampf place and Glencoe road. If you were passing by the Charles Hanley place in the old days, (father of F.F. and Albert Hanley) one might see a Jersey bull walking a tread mill to power a separator and churn. Dairy products were sold in Hillsboro and Portland.

Schefflin Lutheran church was organized in 1904 and Parochial school in 1919. Their 50th anniversary was celebrated in 1954.

Anna Wren who lives toward the Centerville area is a century farmer and remembers when the Hudson Bay Co. had a dairy herd near her place and manufactured cheese and butter which was shipped out by water. Hence the name Dairy Creek.

A little farther southwest live the William Marshs, also century farmers.

Centerville on Dairy Creek once had a blacksmith shop, store and creamery and was known as the halfway mark between Cornelius and the north country."