The Chowning Building was built by Albert Redetzke's (1180-1962) company in 1926. Mr. Redetzke's company also built the Miller, Walker and Holroyd buildings, as well as McCormick Hall on Pacific University Campus. Here is a photo of the Badger Inn in 1930 at the Chowning Building. This was it's second location, the first being the Anderson Building.

badger inn.jpg
c. 1930; 2009 Main St. Now location of El Torero Restaurant. Lester Hughes, owner, is behind the counter. Eddie Dole, Pacific student is at center. Note: University mascot, a Chinese "Boxer," is on the counter in front of Mr. Dole.

These photos, part of the Eric G. Stewart Archives at FGL, were donated to Mr. Stewart by Lester Hughes, a business man.